Doula is a Greek word meaning “woman helping woman.”

A Doula's role is to provide non-medical care and continuous, exclusive support to a laboring mother.  Studies show that at a standard hospital birth, a doctor is with the birthing mother only 5% of the time and nurses only 20-25% of the time.  Labor support from a Doula means constant care throughout the entire experience and journey of childbirth, helping to guide the natural rhythms of labor while providing a sense of consistency and security. 


In the early 1900’s the birth scene changed dramatically, moving from homes to hospitals.  A majority of women in the US now give birth in hospitals where the hectic environment includes medical personnel changing shifts and speaking a language that often puts laboring mothers in a state of heightened stress.

Clinical studies have found that a Doula’s presence at birth contribute to the following:

•  Reduction of cesarean rates
•  Reduction in use of forceps
•  Less requests for epidurals
•  Shorter labor
•  Reduction in pitocin; oxytocin augmentation
• Lower rates of newborn complications
• Reduction of maternal bleeding after birth
• Increased success with breastfeeding
• Reduction in postpartum depression
• Increased maternal satisfaction

Research also shows parents who receive support can:

• Feel more secure and cared for
• Are more successful in adapting to new family dynamics
• Have greater success with breastfeeding
• Have greater self-confidence and decrease in stress
• Have less postpartum depression
• Have lower incidence of abuse

hiring me as your Doula:

As your Doula, I will help you to have the birth experience that you want; whatever that may be. My commitment is always to you and supporting your needs throughout your experience.

I am not a medical professional but rather a professionally trained labor support person committed to helping you make empowered choices about childbirth, and dedicated to assisting you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

I offer physical and emotional support, research and information, and a platform for decision making. I will support you and your family through your birth with kindness and respect. You cannot offend me or make a decision that I won’t support.

We will schedule and meet for two prenatal visits at your home, where we can discuss your birth plans, signs and stages of labor, comfort measures such as breathing, coping and relaxation techniques, practice laboring positions, discuss the roles of all of your labor support people, and answer any questions or concerns you have about your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum period.

I offer 24-hour phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and I am on-call from the time you hire me until you have your baby.   Following the birth, I will provide initial help with breastfeeding and any continued support during your first hours postpartum.

In your first week postpartum, I will come to your home to admire your baby, make sure that your transition to parenthood is going smoothly and will provide referrals to available community resources if needed.

I would be delighted to share this experience with you.  Please call me to set up a complementary consultation!


My husband and I decided to take Angela as our Doula for our first baby, and we had a wonderful experience with her. We had planned a natural birth (unfortunately, I had to get the epidural after 10 hours of labor).

We would thoroughly recommend working with Angela for the following reasons:

- As a Doula and a yoga instructor in prenatal yoga, Angela is very knowledgeable about pregnancy, the human body and about all the exercises needed to ease pain during labor.
- She was very dedicated and involved during my pregnancy, frequently asking for news about the baby and me.
- During Labor (10 hours of pain followed by 10 hours of patience after the epidural) from 4am until 10pm, Angela was there all along, providing great support and massages to help me go through the contractions. Her support during my painful contractions was invaluable. My husband could also rely on her and could rest a bit during this long day while Angela was looking after me.
- She was really well accepted by the medical staff at the hospital. She knew perfectly how to fit in this ballet of nurses, midwives and doctors.
- Always in a good mood, Angela helped us maintain a great ambiance in the labor room.
- Even though Angela did not rest for 20 hours and the labor was much more complicated than expected, she was always calm and relaxed (very comforting and reassuring for me)
- We are still in touch with Angela and enjoy having a drink with her when she comes to see how we are doing and how our little boy is growing.
If we ever have a chance to expect another little one, we will definitely work with Angela again.

Anne, Francois, & Nathan