big Thanks to the birthing families who have allowed me to witness their incredible journeys:


Anne, Francois, & baby Nathan

My husband and I decided to take Angela as our Doula for our first baby, and we had a wonderful experience with her. We had planned a natural birth (unfortunately, I had to get the epidural after 10 hours of labor).

We would thoroughly recommend working with Angela for the following reasons:

- As a Doula and a yoga instructor in prenatal yoga, Angela is very knowledgeable about pregnancy, the human body and about all the exercises needed to ease pain during labor.
- She was very dedicated and involved during my pregnancy, frequently asking for news about the baby and me.
- During Labor (10 hours of pain followed by 10 hours of patience after the epidural) from 4am until 10pm, Angela was there all along, providing great support and massages to help me go through the contractions. Her support during my painful contractions was invaluable. My husband could also rely on her and could rest a bit during this long day while Angela was looking after me.
- She was really well accepted by the medical staff at the hospital. She knew perfectly how to fit in this ballet of nurses, midwives and doctors.
- Always in a good mood, Angela helped us maintain a great ambiance in the labor room.
- Even though Angela did not rest for 20 hours and the labor was much more complicated than expected, she was always calm and relaxed (very comforting and reassuring for me)
- We are still in touch with Angela and enjoy having a drink with her when she comes to see how we are doing and how our little boy is growing.

Stephanie, Pascale and baby Tristan

Angela helped us to understand the different stages of labor and what we should expect, therefore there were no real surprises and we felt less stressed.  Angela was a great help to me when I had complications and my husband was able to be with the baby.  She was a wonderful support and we could not have had our natural delivery without her! 

Avita, Tyler and baby Anjana + baby Anand (I was lucky enough to be present at both!)

The postpartum visit was also a great experience as Angela offered emotional support and a platform to share my feelings, which helped me gain confidence about my birth experience and the choices I made.

Libby, Daniel and baby Leo

I met Angela at a prenatal yoga class. I loved the way she explained her class, her gentle, happy and loving energy made me believe she was the perfect fit for my family. I used her services as a doula and as a private prenatal and postpartum yoga instructor. 

As a doula she was just amazing. She saved my husband and I of a lot of guess work. As a first time mom she helped me to be confident and prepared to deal with  pregnancy issues and hospital situations. Even my Ob-Gyn who isn't thrilled with midwives and doulas was very pleased with Angela.  At the first sign of labor she was by our side every minute, took excellent care of me and my husband, made notes of everything that happened (some of it I didn't remember!) and gave us good orientation and great pictures!

The best thing I can say about Angela is that she truly cares and loves what she does.  She listens to you and caters to your needs.  She is always very respectful, professional and knows how to handle difficult situations well. 

We are so pleased with how everything turned out that in case we would have a second baby we wouldn't think twice of having her as our doula again.

Elaine, Nirav and baby Naya

Angela was an integral part of our birth process.  From the moment we hired her she really got to know my husband and me and was a knowledgeable, empowering, and reassuring coach. I came out of our prenatal sessions feeling calm, prepared, and excited about labor. I especially appreciated that she found ways to include and involve my husband.  When the day finally came (I was induced 10 days late, and Angela was great about checking-in and cheering me on through that restless last week-plus), she provided amazing physical and emotional support from the early contractions to the final stages of pushing. She impressed us with her ability to effectively guide us through the labor without ever overstepping her bounds or interfering with the medical staff.  When our daughter arrived, she captured the moment with photos and later emailed us a detailed log of the day so we had a record of the timeline.  It is thoughtful gestures like that, that make Angela a gifted, one-of-a-kind doula.