"Practice, and all is coming."

                                                  Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

With a joyful spirit I am inspired to welcome, encourage and guide students; creating a balance between working hard and exploring the mind / body connection.  Leading a dynamic practice, I offer clear instructions of alignment and breath, challenge physical awareness, stamina, flexibility and concentration.  Teaching safely is a priority, I offer modifications and appropriate poses for all levels, giving students more space while building confidence, a steady flow, a calm mind, and a strong presence - both on and off the mat. Creating playful and intelligent sequences with thoughtfully selected music allows me to keep a progressive flow during class.

A Certified Instructor through Yoga Works advanced training program in NYC (RYT-500), and Pre / Postnatal through Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC, my style comes from the Krishnamacharya teachings and is influenced by the meditative flow and heat of Ashtanga yoga and the precision and stability of Iyengar yoga.

I return to my own mat day after day, continually seeking, questioning, exploring and unfolding through my practice of asana, pranayama, meditation and the physical and energetic bodies.  The teachings of yoga date back over 5 thousand years and we practice this ancient form as it continues to positively effect on all who practice; in body, mind, and spirit. 


Yoga was traditionally handed down from teacher to student one-on-one, for a very personalized experience.  Your private session will fit your experience, age and body, working with any injuries or specific needs you may have.  Whatever your level or ability, these sessions are a unique way to deepen your practice and experience yoga’s gifts of flexibility, balance, strength, reduced stress and increased body awareness.


My ongoing practice of restorative yoga allows me to sprinkle these elements into my teaching, and as we listen to the wisdom and cycles of nature through each of the seasons, our yoga practice can be like a deeply nourishing mini-retreat.

pre/post natal

I am certified in Pre and Postnatal yoga through Prenatal Yoga Center, the premier studio in NYC which has created a community for women, their partners and their expanding families.

Reconnecting students to the innate wisdom that understands the process of birth, these classes are safe and taught in a calm, supportive environment.  The structure of class also helps strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort.

corporate yoga

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