"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful

than the risk it took to blossom".  

                                 Anais Nin

I was on a 3-month leave of absence from work and feeling a bit disconnected from myself.  Living in NYC, I spent most of my day consumed by my flourishing career.  From the outside looking in, everything may have appeared perfect, but it wasn’t.  It was the summer of 2008 and in this beachfront cottage on Koh Samui Island, Thailand, I knew my life would be changed forever.  

Jennifer, the lovely mystic who gave me a Reiki and crystal healing session, knew only my name.  I felt safe, yet scared; open to receive, yet crazy for being there.  All the while, searching for a sign to give me insight as to why I felt so lost and unfulfilled by life.

Vibrant silk scarves were carefully draped over my body, each placed at it's corresponding chakra (energy centers in the body).  Crystals lined the shape of my body, surrounding my entire being.  They were placed on and around me.  Holding one large pointed clear quartz crystal in my left hand, the point faced upward directing a clear energy channel in.  In my right hand the pointed crystal faced downward, directing energy out.

Towards the end of the session, Jennifer placed one hand on my solar plexus (focal point for our power and will located just below the naval) and the other at my heart.  Within seconds it felt as if there was a bolt of electricity being fed through me.  My whole body was alive with energy and for any doubts I had about feeling connected to myself, to something bigger, it was right there; everything I needed sparked from inside myself.  

As our time was wrapping, Jennifer said she had a message, but was unsure if it would mean anything to me.  Reluctantly, she said that during our hour together "they" told her repeatedly "no TV."  Did it mean anything to me?  HA!  I was in advertising!  "NO TV?"  I know!  But now what??  A flood of tears followed; both of clarity and understanding in what she shared, and fear of how to begin the transition.  She said the answers would come...

A year later I took a leap of faith and left my career as an advertising executive, an industry I worked extremely hard in for over 10 years.  A career I was good at and at the top of my game...all for a chance at something more meaningful.

It began with a deep yearning inside, which continues to inspire and move me in ways that I sometimes don’t even understand.  To say that I'm being driven on this path, by something larger than myself, is an understatement! Throughout my travels both domestically and internationally, I continue to meet mystics who tell me I am a powerful teacher, healer and guide; Jennifer just happened to be the first. 

I am blessed with an amazing family and many good friends who support and encourage me, and were truly my foundation when my world was turned upside down.  I am fortunate to have studied with many amazing teachers who continue to inspire me.  I am grateful to the students for their dedication, curiosity and hard work.  Through this process of learning and sharing, we help to create real change in the world.

So today, I continue on my path as a student of life, grateful for my journey thus far.  I am mindful in living my own mantra, to trust, surrender and simply enjoy finding my place in the rhythm of life, an idea that lies at the heart of the yoga practice.